While most people in Ontario were basking in the warm weather in late March/early April, we were sitting on pins and needles. Fortunately, by delaying pruning, leaving our canes buried and a little luck, we managed to escape the -6°C frost-like temperatures by a millimeter. The vines came out completely unscathed and we are in the enviable position of having to prune again as we have too many fruiting buds.
The rebirth of live green buds in the vineyard naturally coincides with our annual release of our <a href=”/wine/melon-de-bourgogne/#2011″>Melon de Bourgogne</a>. The 2011 vintage has fresh and vibrant citrus qualities on the nose and a focused, mineral driven mid palate. The calcareous provenance of our County soils shines in the bottle. Production is very limited as usual (the vineyard is only a certain size).