Our Wines

Our Wines

We've chosen vineyards in Prince Edward County and Niagara that have the potential to produce some of the finest cool-climate wines in the New World. Our goal is to craft wines that truly reflect the unique qualities of these special sites.

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The vines and oak barrels are from France. The limestone and ideal climate are from Southern Ontario. The taste and nose are from me. Norman Hardie

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From one vintage to the next, the winery is always abuzz with activity as our vineyard and winery crew tirelessly strive to raise the bar of quality on all our wines. Follow our ongoing story on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • 1 day agoAfter it’s 16th season our beloved and trusted basket press is going into hibernation till harvest 2021 @ Prince E… https://t.co/Hau11mEjo5
  • 2 days agoThe last of our magnificent Cabernet Franc will go to press today . Latest we have ever finished harvest...got to l… https://t.co/BqnSgq3oLc
  • 3 days agoHopefully tonight’s full moon will help those last few natural ferments push through #lowinterventionwine #fullmoonhttps://t.co/Qysk8tzEKS
  • 3 days agoChardonnay, oysters and alit Le County sunshine.. serving outdoors daily 11 till 5 @ Prince Edward County https://t.co/x64ovx3fLe
  • 5 days agoFingerlings cooked in cast iron...winter comfort food at its best @ Prince Edward County https://t.co/HEkvOFs5yu
  • 10 days agoLast day of the year for our pizza oven... take out only @ Prince Edward Country https://t.co/z76ihFlTVH
  • 11 days agoJust posted a photo @ Prince Edward County https://t.co/YQ5NVp33kH
  • 11 days agoJust posted a photo @ Prince Edward County https://t.co/lps4KWfmx3
  • 11 days agoJust posted a photo @ Prince Edward County https://t.co/oDdWtt20wN
  • 12 days agoLayer up.. pizza oven firing today through Monday. Chardonnay all day along with smoked trout and the freshest PEI… https://t.co/cqHRA56r1K
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