As the year comes to an end, we thank everyone who has stood by us and supported the Winery. It has been a very challenging 2018.
Despite what has been reported in print and social media, the Winery is still a great place to work. Over the past several years as our workforce grew, Norm put in place policies and procedures to create a more formal business operation and ensure we can work in a respectful atmosphere.  Yes, it was more informal in the past. But the media reports don’t reflect our workplace or culture.
Earlier this year, an independent advisor came in and reviewed our workplace. She spoke to all of us, confidentially, to learn what it was like to work here. She did not find any instances of sexual harassment in our workplace. The advisor did recommend ways to improve our structure, policies, personnel and reporting procedures. We implemented most of these recommendations over the last several months and we continue to work together to make further improvements.
Norm has made mistakes. We don’t want to minimize the impact of those mistakes on anyone. And while his name is on the label, the Winery is much bigger than one person.  All of us at the Winery enjoy our work.  It’s a place that makes outstanding wine and food, and is an amazing place for young people to learn and grow.  We believe it also adds value and good jobs to our agriculture community.
We, the employees, thank you for continuing to support the Norman Hardie Winery.
Happy Holidays from the staff at Norman Hardie Winery