With the growing and harvest season behind me, I finally have some time to develop a Zoom series with interesting topics and themes that are educational, fun and make a difference.

I hope you can join us on Friday, January 29th at 6pm where we will be tasting two of the greatest wines the winery has ever produced: our 2012 Cuvée “L” Chardonnay and 2012 Cuvée “L” Pinot Noir. Both of these wines have aged beautifully and showcase the amazing potential our soils have to give. Upon release they sold out instantly.

The wines for this tasting will be drawn from our library stock. We will start the tasting with our 2017 Riesling (drinking superbly and just starting to come into its own) before we delve into the complexities of the two Cuvée “L” wines.

During the tasting I will lead you through our winemaking philosophy, low-intervention approach in the cellar, how we decide what goes into a Cuvée “L” blend, and the origins of the Cuvée “L” label. There will no doubt be a few fun anecdotal stories included as well. It promises to be a great evening.

Most importantly, we will be donating $30 for every Cuvée “L” zoom package to a charity very close to my heart: The Headstart Trust in South Africa. This trust was started by my good friend and one of South Africa’s top winemakers Bruce Jack, who will join us for the tasting to explain the dire need for help and how efficiently the trust is making good use of the funds. 

Looking forward to sharing this one of a kind tasting with you.

Cost includes one bottle of each of the three wines, an invitation to the Zoom tasting, and taxes. Click here to buy.