Harvest 2014 was ushered in October 1st with a record amount of Pinot Noir; a later than usual start due to the slow spring we had, but vintage is now rolling along and the fruit is looking beautiful! Most of the grapes are now in and fermenting nicely. The team here has been working tirelessly to ensure another fantastic vintage in 2014.
Other exciting news is the release of our 2012 Cuvee ‘L’ Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Crafted in only the best growing years, the Cuvee ‘L’ blends both Niagara and County fruit to create a wine with rich texture and flavours balanced with elegant minerality and acidity. Available now online and at the winery.
We were all extremely pleased to host our annual harvest party over thanksgiving weekend, where enthusiastic volunteers joined our vineyard crew picking Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. As a huge thank you for all the hard work we all enjoyed a pig roast and bottles of past vintages.
Both the garden and pizza oven are tucked away for the season, but the tasting bar continues to be open daily 10am-6pm. We hope to see you soon in the county!