Harvest 2021 has now been put to bed. All the grapes are in, and we only have a few tonnes left to gently press and put to barrel. Our incredible team of six highly skilled field workers from Thailand managed to pick close to 100 tonnes of grapes and lay down over 250,000 canes in the span of 45 days. They are truly remarkable, without them the winery and all the local employment we generate (over 60 each summer) would not exist. They will be flying home in a few days and are eager to get back to their families and the Thai heat.

With the Holiday and celebration seasons upon us, I thought it was the perfect time to release our 2017 Cuvée Des Amis Chardonnay. The 2017 vintage was a stellar year for Chardonnay, very much on par with the 2015 and 2019 vintages. If you’re a fan of expensive Burgundy that has not been oxidized then this will be right up your alley, however without the Burgundian price tag.
We will also be releasing our 2018 Melon de Bourgogne. This highly sought-after bottling is an ideal seafood and aperitif wine. A great way to spoil friends and family over the Holidays.
We’ve recently coined the phrase that we strongly believe in: “Eating Local Tastes Better When Drinking Local.” This symbiotic relationship has been a part of European and Old-World cultures for hundreds of years. As we move into the Holiday season, I hope that you will embrace this delicious ethos.
Over the last year during COVID, we have developed a simple and delicious Winter Food program that will warm one’s soul during the cold season. We are serving individual piping hot lasagnas, fresh PEI oysters, in-house cold-smoked trout served with toasted sourdough, as well as warm cast-iron olives, and Norm’s favourite South-African style beef biltong. This simple and delicious menu will be available daily until our Pizza Oven re-opens in May 2022. We have both indoor seating as well as outdoor seating next to roaring fire pits.
As always if you can’t make it to the County, we can deliver the County directly to your front door from our cellar. We deliver across Canada including Quebec, with most orders qualifying for free shipping. We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy the gift of wine, so let’s make your shopping experience easy and rewarding by shipping wine from our cellar right to your friends’ homes.
Norm and the Norman Hardie Winery Team