With the sun finally moving north, we’re HOPING the snow will disappear soon and the warm sunny days of Spring will be here in the blink of an eye.

Our incredible Thai vineyard crew will be back again this year. Fortunately, they will be here on time this year and not seven weeks late like last year (immigration dropping the ball). Upon arrival they will undertake the immense task of unburying the vineyard and tying the approximately 300,000 canes into perfect position to set the vineyard up for the season.

With Spring in the air, we have two great wines for summer sipping and cottage season. The first is our 2017 Riesling which received a 93 point score from Michael Vaughan of Vintage Assessments. The second great wine I encourage you to order for home is our 2017 John Bil Cuvée. Veteran wine critic Bob Cluett, whose pallet and taste I revere greatly, recently commented Hardie’s 2017 John Bil Cuvée is the ruling monarch of under $30 Chards. Click here to order.

Prior to the start of the viticulture season in early April, I will be showcasing our wines in Denmark, at ProWein (most important wine show in the world held in Dusseldorf), Berlin and in Belgium & Holland. At all these European destinations we will be presenting our wines to top sommeliers, restaurateurs, and wine buyers from around the world.

The rest of the team are diligently preparing the property for the Summer season. The winery is in hiring mode for the summer, looking for approximately 40 enthusiastic and outgoing employees who want to learn. Erica as always is doing an amazing job hiring only the best. So far, we’re very happy with the enthusiasm and caliber of the young and ambitious 2023 crew.

Thank you for your continued support, it makes a huge difference to the winery and our whole team. All of our wines are available for home or office delivery across Canada including Quebec! Mixed cases are welcomed and free shipping is available. Visit our online store to place your order and restock your cellar before the new season.

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Our wines are now served in over 25 Michelin Star restaurant across Europe!

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