Jane & Oliver's Block

  • 2020
Our first single-vineyard Pinot Noir release is finally here. Our first plantings of County Pinot Noir were in 2003. The vineyard is now beautifully established. The roots have long penetrated the one and a half/two feet of fractured limestone/clay and are now working their way through the limestone bedrock. The wine has a wonderful richness and density while at the same time maintaining the tightness that one associates with great Old-World Pinot Noir. For those who love Pinot Noir, one sip tells the whole story. This wine truly represents all the promise I thought the soils would have back when I planted the vineyard in 2003. The vineyard is eponymously named “Jane & Oliver Block” after two of the vineyard’s greatest supporters. Only 8 barrels of this wine were made.